Template to rock your day! Who get’s the biggest piece of your pie?

Here it is! Your first template to empower yourself. This one is to ROCK YOUR DAY.

How do you juggle with your time during the day? Does all your time go to the family? The household? Or your work? And is self care something that always falls off your list as well? Who get’s the biggest pie of your pie?

If you like to have more control over where to invest your time during the day, this template will be helpful. You can see where all your time is going now. Fill in the time table and look at where all the time is going. Who get’s the biggest piece of the pie?

Once you are done. Take a good look at it. What insights does this give you? Is it all good, or are you ready to make some adjustments? Take the blank schedule and fill in your new week schedule. What is the best time for the household, the kids? and what is the best time for you? to do the things you love? your work? your purpose? Who gets the biggest piece of the pie from now on?

Enjoy the template!

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